I have been smiling all day, all day. Smiling at strangers, to myself and generally enjoying my day. As I picked up a piece of equipment for one of my client’s, I thought about my day and what has put me in such a good mood. I’ll tell you a bit about my day, without rambling on.

My day started off by answering emails from wedding guests. I am helping a friend organize carpooling to and from her wedding. People have been so kind and generous with giving rides…inspiration number one. Kindness.

At the gym I saw a lady probably in her 60’s working out, hard. She was lifting the same amount of weights I was or more. As she did her fifteenth chin up, I walked over and told her how good she looked. She leaned over and said it was all about brain power. Inspiration number two, if you can think it, you can do it.

I went to the hospital to visit a client; he is in an observation room, with only one other child there. As I was laughing with my client, I looked over and saw a mom on the other side of the room. She had one baby in a crib and the other in the carrier, two babies, just weeks old. Mom rocked one baby, and when the other cried, put the one in her arms down and rocked the other. The nurse and I joked with her that volunteer rockers were available, and we both put our hands up. Mom laughed and said she may take us up on that. Inspiration three, laughing in the face of adversity.

I left the hospital with my clients’ mom. When we were about to part ways, we saw a mom coming up the street with a baby on her front in a carrier, a bag in her hand and she was doing a jig of some sort. As she got closer, we could hear her singing, right out loud. She was singing…some song and I wish I could remember the name. “…and they went UP, something, something, on Calvary…” My mom used to sing it. She would bounce when she sang the UP part. Her baby girl loved it and looked like she needed a laugh. Inspiration number four, always make a child’s day, it will make yours so much better.

When I got to work, my client was in such a great mood. He was telling me about his day with his squeals and answering yes and no appropriately to the questions I asked. When I asked him if he had a good day, he said “ya” and shook his head.” This usually means, comme ci, comme ca. I had asked enough questions to figure out, he was hungry because he didn’t like his lunch and didn’t eat it, his feet hurt from his foot splints, his favourite Educational Assistant was sick and he didn’t get on the mat at gym. Once I found all this out, I asked again. “Did you have a good day? He answered with a resounding “ya” and loud squeal to follow. He had decided to have a good day anyway, even though things didn’t always go the way he wanted. Inspiration number five, remember to make your days great!

When people ask me what inspires me, I say everything. And it’s true, I am inspired by lot of different things and lucky enough to witness some very sweet moments in others day-to-day life. Inspiration fuels me, keeps me going, makes me smile and gives me something to look forward to each day! I am thankful for inspiration and hope that everyone is inspired some little way each day in their lives.


One thought on “Inspiration!!!

  1. Tony G says:

    Inspiration 6: Inspire others, it’ contagious! Thanks Marjorie!

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