Welcome to the new year!

This time I wasn’t inspired to write a post, more just doing it because of the New Year. I feel pretty positive about it though. At this time of year I am working a lot, yes, even more than usual. It started the last day of school in December and I predict it will end by the end of March.

There is something nice about moving into that next year with families. It is a sense of starting fresh, beginning anew, continuing projects and a general “we have been together for this many years or months.” It feels good.

It also reminds me of clients I don’t work with anymore, clients who have passed away and how one person affects the whole family. The family dynamic is a precious and personal thing. If I am in your home more than one day a week, I impact that dynamic. I know in a not so good way at times, but, I hope in a good way sometimes too. I know you may have no choice to have me, but, it is a sacrifice that I acknowledge.

This all goes to say, I appreciate all the families I support! They have impacted me in ways I cannot explain and that is the greatest gift. To all the kids, teens and young adults, I am so lucky to know you all. You all know the secrets to joy and love and you make me remember them over and over again. Words can’t describe my gratitude.

So, what are my New Years resolutions for work in 2012? Well, here goes:
1. Don’t try to do it all or be everything for everybody.
2. Take breaks, and not after work at 8p, and then call yourself a night person. Take the day off and do things that are enjoyable.
3. Hire good people, even friends get a probationary period.
4. Give people something to talk about…if i want you to.


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