You should take a vacation!

About twice or trice a week, someone tells me I should take a vacation. This is true. And I have big dreams of where I’d go and what I’d do. They are only dreams of course, because here I sit. Most of my “vacations” have been for work, traveling with a family or taking clients on a new adventure.

I have been to some wonderful and really fun places. I have been to Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Paris, cruised to St.Vincent, St. Thomas and Bahamas, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa and Niagara Falls. Not a big list, but a list I am proud of. Sometimes traveling with a family only meant working in the half of the time and I got to vacation a bit on my own. Sometimes it was full days of work, but I was equally thankful for the chance to get away and have fun. It was always a super perk of the job.

All of my work involves giving others breaks and time to do the things that life hands us, laundry, banking, cleaning, working, etc. For this, and other things, like going for a coffee I am happy to give this break. The nice things about the break I provide is, I make sure your kids or young adults are having a good time. I think that gives comfort to a parent, to know it’s not babysitting while they take their break, it is fun activities in and around the city.

When I think about taking my own break, my mind immediately wanders back to, but that parent doesn’t get a break or this parent doesn’t get away. This is true for some parents. It is also me wanting to always help and be available. But, should I let that determine if I take a break?

When you own your own business, you want to do everything…or maybe that’s just me. It is my baby, and hasn’t started to quite walk yet. I am a little over protective and not ready to leave it in someone else’s hands so I can take a break. I mean, I guess I could get someone to take care of things while I’m gone, but, I could just do it all when I come back too?

All this being said, I will take a vacation. I will take care of myself, so that I can continue to take care of wonderful children and young adults. I appreciate the vacations I’ve been on with families weather I worked the entire time or not. I may not have had that experience otherwise. It has handed more to my life than you’ll ever know.

New York, here I come!!!

One thought on “You should take a vacation!

  1. Tony G says:

    New York?!!! Awesome!

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