Dear brother

Hi. It’s about five after eleven. Only fifty five minutes more and your birthday would’ve come and gone.

I had an okay day. I slept in, that was nice. Went and did an exchange for yet another car seat that was too small for a client. I just may start making special needs car seats and not charging $1000 dollars for them. Went to a movie with a friend. We saw Snow White and the Huntsman. It was a tad gory as the Queen ate a birds heart in the first scene, yuck. Then I cancelled my evening plans, went home had a nap, made supper and went to bed early. I know I am up now, but it won’t be much longer and I will be sleeping again soon. Have a good night Stephen, I miss you and love you sooooooo much!

The nice thing about my day, is that he was there with me. He also doesn’t mind hearing about it again. I can’t explain the feeling today, but, it feels like something is missing. It also makes me realize how much my world has changed. I miss my world that he was physically a part of. My sadness is deep within me, so deep it is even hard for me to reach. I don’t cry, but I do feel it in my toes and fingers, sad. Maybe sleep will help. Goodnight sweet Stephen.


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