Ebbs, flow and death; write now

…someone asked me the other day “what do you do and how do you heal when something bad has happened.” In my humanistic, arrogant way, I answered “I book clients, and get out of my house and spend tine with friends and…until it hurts a little less.” I’ve been thinking about that response over this past week. What did I do before I do before I had all of those ‘coping’ strategies? When I was a child, how did I process death? I write. Or better yet, I wrote. I stopped writing. I know why I stopped writing. However, I don’t remember why I never started again.

Now I blog about my work, the kids and teens I love and support, the families and funny things. But, I used to write poetry, stories, songs and journal all the time. I’ve heard this saying “it doesn’t matter why you stopped. It is never too late to start again!” I believe both are important. The reason you stopped and what brings you back to it.

Follow me. Can you see me? I am hiding amongst the others. I’ll wait for you. My breathe as hot, like the light. Can you see me now? see me. See me. See Me!
When I am gone and you can’t find me. I will be in the trees, in the light. Coming back to it is lovely. Light, grace, love and honour, follow me.
No fear. Be still. Listen. Love. I will always be where you find me.

Marj, the peot

Ebbs, flows and death!

This life has been one heck of a world wind in the last few months. Good things mostly, but the shitty things slip in to keep me on my game. Not my game, but, I am challenged by the shitty things. They teach me how to discern if something is worth my energy, learn how to connect with people, seeking deeper into myself, finding out what I’m capable of and talking to myself to bring my mind to a good place of compassion in every situation.

I seem to experience good and bad on a pretty regular basis, as in, anywhere from 1-10 hrs apart on a daily basis. “How are you?” Is slowly becoming a loaded question I hate and don’t want to answer because I don’t know how.

A good friend died last week. My heart is broken and I’m really feeling the loss. I think about her family and her little sister, who is part of this remarkable family. Life, once again shows me what’s really important. It is unconditional love. I’m serious. I’m not trying to convince anyone here, but, I am, putting it out there. If you don’t love anyone or have someone to love you, that must be lonely…