New Year!!!

Welcome to the New Year! I am so glad to be here, as I always am. This NYE was spent (after doing 2 count downs with people who go to bed earlier), on my balcony, with my wine, watching fire works and singing Auld Lange Singe. It was nice and peaceful.

When I was young, I used to try and hit as many parties or friends houses as I could. My mom told me a Jamaican proverb that goes “who you spend your New Year’s with or where, is who you will spend it with or where you’ll be most of the New Year. I liked that. Therefore, I took it upon myself to see as many people as I could and be as many places as I could, starting at around 4p. Who knows if proverbs are real or not, but I have spent my NYE and years with some amazing people and in some amazing places!

2020, I made plans to better myself in mind, health, soul and bring happiness joy to myself, so that I could then bring all those things to others too. 2021 I set these things in stone and made sure they happened. 2021 was a ride, but I made sure it was the best ride I could make it, in a world of sadness, disappointment, death (a lot for me), tiredness, frustration, busyness, confusion and the intricateness of each situation. And what a ride it was. I am glad to say I took boss moves, was authentically myself and was intentional!

I am walking into 2022 feeling light, joyful, excited and connected…to the things that are important. Doesn’t mean struggle hasn’t shown its ugly head. However, I have taught myself tools to rise above and conquer it the best I can. I am doing as much as I can, to be there for others in a healthy and sustainable way, for both parties. Doing more for charities that feel at an arms length and volunteering is something I hope to get up to too. Continuing to hold those I love dearly close and support my friends and family as they support and love me. And then there is the the fun stuff: more driving, sailing, adventuring, stepping, walking and doing cartwheels again!!!

My quote of 2021, birds of love and resemblance and alive!!!