Good people

I’ve always believed in the power of good people. Surrounding yourself with them. Not that a person you are friends with or family isn’t a good person. I mean good people that are put in your life, that you picked or picked you, for one reason or another. Your not sure why, but, blessings flow from having that relationship. Isn’t that why people get married? Married friends, you’ll have to help me on this one? Today, I spent the day with one of the most awesome people I know. She’s cute, one and three quarters years old and good peoples. We went for lunch, walked, talked, laughed, read a story and had a nap. It was a great day without any feeling of being overwhelmed about other things in my life. She’s good people because her parents good people! Both of them. Its like a smorgasbord of good people when with all three of them.

Good things happen when you focus on the good people in your life. There’s the my ‘good people’ friend did me a huge favour that I was afraid to ask for help for. Or, ‘good people’ teacher made me feel confident about a test. I personally like my ‘good people’ because they make me feel good, happy and glad to know there is still good in the world.

I thank Jesus everyday for sending them to me and putting them in my life.

Other good things that happen with good people is, car rides (even when you don’t really need one), heavens aligning to make things happen that look as if their not going to and Love!

Thanks to my good people good people today for taking care, smiling and working hard.

Thanks to Jesus for getting me to the bus stop, on the bus (I was late for), adding leather seats and plug so could write this blog!


Wow, it’s been a long time

Hi. I’m back. Not that I went anywhere, but 76 days since my last post, it would feel so. I’ve seen many things not going anywhere, here are just a few.

When my mind is rattled and overwhelmed, I’m taught to trust in you. To breathe, relax and laugh. All the things I’ve been given for free.

Hammers beat down and I let people down, to which I am asked “seriously?” Yes, seriously, this is where I am. Help to guide me, give me kind words, it fills my soul and makes me thankful.

Life and death. I’m okay with not understanding. I have seen both in it’s truest form and felt those who have passed around me. Death helps me lead a richer (in the heavenly sense) life!

Work, I finally learned why they call it that. I saw new kids and missed the old, reached goals and experienced falls. The kids were always there in their awesome way. When I say awesome, I really mean awesome!

Friends, thank you. Even when we’re far away, you still love me and hold me close. Many of you have become extended family and I have been made Auntie by your children. That, is a true and lovely blessing.

Jesus, lover of my soul, what, would I do without you? You offer yourself so fully and wonderfully to me, that I can’t turn away. You give what I need, exactly when I need it and never before. Thank you for knowing everything before me and teaching me to listen.

I’m back and ready to inspire!


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