Did that just really happen???

For my first post I thought I would pick something that has already happened, but makes me laugh out loud (even in public) everytime I think about it.

About 12 years ago now, I was supporting Will*.  He uses a wheelchair and depends on me for his everyday needs.   We went to the mall to pick something up quickly and were on our way out.  Will enjoys food and eating, even if he is not hungry.  Usually when I push him through the mall, we avoid food or people eating food.  As we got to the door leading out of the mall, a little girl about three years old was coming into the mall, walking in front of her parents.  She was carrying a large lollipop, bigger than her head.  She was enjoying it too, as her tongue
was bright colours of the rainbow.  Will must’ve have seen her too.  I walked by her quickly, knowing that Will had seen her lollipop.  At the same time (I saw it coming) I reached over to block him and, Will had stolen her lollipop.  That’s right, he stole candy from a baby.  I said sorry quickly and they said “it is okay” as their baby girl broke into a loud shrill.  As I looked back to see her crying and her parents consoling her, I laughed at the situation but felt so bad for her.  I gave them some money so they could by her another one and the tears stopped immediately.  I told Will to sign sorry, he did.  We ended up talking for 10 mins and making new friends.  She was happy almost right away again and had forgotten about her lollipop.

Stolen candy from a baby, that’s rich.  I told Will I was going to make him a sign for his wheelchair saying, CAUTION, HOLD ON TO YOUR FOOD…UNLESS YOU WANT IT STOLEN BY ME.  We both had a good laugh.