Its coming up…

Schools out that is. Yes, I celebrate Christmas, but Canadian Christmases just get worse and worse. The gift and guilt buying, the things your child or people are upset that they didn’t get, the people that get mad at you, for saying “Merry Christmas,” instead of saying, “I don’t celebrate Christmas, I celebrate Kwanza or Hanukkah” and sharing in the season rather than being bitter, the list goes on.

I do celebrate Christ-mas with my Church family, friends and my mom. It is special to us because of what it beings to us. Even as a child, I only got one or two gifts from my mom or a friend. I am thankful that I didn’t get a ton of stuff, because now, I can be truly grateful for what I do get.

One of the other fun things about the holidays, which I mentioned, is kids are out of school. I get to hang out with the young women and men I enjoy so much. I have been working on my December/January holiday calendar for weeks now. Perfecting it, making sure I have enough staff, planning outings. I hope we have some snow soon, the kids all like snow ball rights, throwing or getting hit, it sometimes doesn’t matter.

I always have a hard time with knowing what to get the families I work for. I used to just do toys for the kids, but that gets pricy and sometimes the toys don’t get opened. Last year I did a free overnight or evening coupon, so parents could go out for the night. Ooo, I also bake rum cake and give it to the parents. Last year I made nine cakes, this year it will be more. I owe one family my first cake too, I missed them last year.

All in all, I am excited about the holidays. It should bring some fun and adventure. Maybe I’ll post some pics later.

Happy holidays to all and a blessed New Year!