You should take a vacation continued

Work.  I spent some of my night last and most of this morning organizing schedules for when I’d be away.  Even though I started a month ago filling spots, last minute things aways come up.  One of the things I love most about my job is…a parent can have an emergency,  need to switch things, or have something come up, call me and I’m on the other end, (even on a train). It was hard to not say “I’ll fill in” to some of the parents last night.  Everything worked out though.   I have the most amazing staff, who really go above and beyond!

So, here I am, sitting, moving, looking outside…at all the American flags.  That’s right, I’ve left the country.

I’m glad its happening now.  Not before, not later, but now.  I’m ready.  My heart mind an soul are all in on it. They have gotten together  to prepare me for new adventures.  They are doing a good job too, because they have been fighting the pit of nausea in my stomach all day.

The pit, its not so big on this travelling thing.  Being away from home, on my own, first-time?  Scary.  I have decided the pit can kiss my butt though, my mind is strong and fear is being stomped away every hour I sit on this train.  Ugh, when will I get off this train???

My mind, so excited to finally be in the place people have told me I’m from for year’s!  “New York!  Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do.”  I am actually staying on Broadway, ha.  I figure, I just need money to eat, otherwise, I’m just going to walk and look at stuff.  I have looked at maps, I know where I’m going and I know what I really want to see.  The first thing I get to see is Grand Central Station which turns one hundred this year and will have an exhibit up called ‘Grand by Design.’  See, I’m taking my vaction, here’s to new adventures!

Wait, you can talk!?!

When I meet a new family, I ask questions, a lot of questions.  This is how I get to know my clients well and their families. I ask a lot about their child too, I need to know them really well.

Sometimes information about your child, that can be helpful to me is missed in the initial interview. For different reasons of course. You may not know that it will help, it may be behaviour, there are language barriers or the worst, parents are afraid I’ll get scared off and leave. Let’s just say now, that will never happen!

The best is when I am given false information. Again, this happens for many different reasons.

It always surprises me and sends me for a loop. Emotion high or low, everytime, depending on the surprise.

Talking is a big thing. About 80% of my clients are non-verbal. Which is great that I talk so much.They communicate in different ways. I am no stranger to Aumentative Communication (alternative ways to communicate).

I was supporting with a new client, who I was told is non-verbal. We got on the streetcar and I started pointing things out and saying them…he then (to my surprise) started mimicking me. Emotion high. Haha, I totally had a “you must love me to be talking for me” moment. Of course my initial reaction is a joke and super cocky.

I was happy he was talking and that we were friends. Not a big thing and it didn’t hinder safety, but I gave me a good laugh.