Kids say the darndest things

One of my favorite things about my job is hearing the funny things of the kids and young adults I support say. This means they may communicate with their body tone (stretching their heads or feet out) , sticking their tounge out, moving their foot, lifting their eyebrows, smiling, swallowing, making whatever sound they can with their voice, moving their eyes up or down and last but not least, tell be in so many words. All these actions involve me or the communicator, to ask yes/no questions so they can answer appropriately.

The guys and gals I support make me laugh all the time, I am laughing right now just thinking about it. They say crazy things, do funny things, laugh at me or sometimes doing nothing is funny too. Here are some quotes that make laugh all the time:

“My hair is too slidy, that’s why I can’t keep my hat on” (Seven year old trying to convince me to take off her her hat off)

“You have to have nine bites because you are nine years old. We have already had four, so five more to go.” I say trying to get more food into a child that eats little. As I am putting the fifth spoonful in, the child who is non-verbal says “nine.”

I ask the adult that am supporting, “do you want to go swimming?” I then lock eyes with the person, waiting for a response. The way this person communicates is by opening their mouth for a “yes.” They don’t answer me, we just stare at each other for about a minute and eventually…burst into laughter from the ridiculous amount of staring going on.

I say to the person who is non-verbal, “First I have to go to the washroom and then we can get going.” I hear a huge sigh and see them go limp in the limbs. “Are you kidding me, now I can’t even use the washroom, ha.”

As I am I getting ready to put my shoes on, the child watching me starts giggling to himself. I ask “what’s so funny?” He looks at me and goes into immediate extension, and streches his body out, with a huge smile on his face. I ask him “Can you see something I can’t?” He looks up to say “yes.” I start patting myself down to his amusement. He then screams loudly while laughing. I know what that means, there is nothing there and he has just pulled the best trick of all. Getting me to look like an idiot for nothing.

“Do I need to leave you alone for a bit so you can go to the washroom.” I ask diplomatically, even at home I want to be respectful. “I am never going to the washroom again.” He shouts with with big smile on his face, his stomach pushing out through his chest strap and his arms to either side as if he were praising the heavens.

There are tons more and they all add to the adventure.


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