The Summer

What a summer it was. Short version, I have been out-of-town at least twenty-five days out of the summer, I have been on a boat, swam in lakes, pools, fountains and seas, I have taken the YRT surface routes, YRT wheel-Trans, GO bus, driven in others cars, an airplane, a boat, oh, and next week will be taking a VIA train to take a break from it all! That doesn’t even sum it up, there is much more!

Did I mention I was supporting some if the best kids and young adults I have ever met! All of these adventures included a client at my side, the sun (sometimes rain) on our skin and smiles on our faces. In turn, I gave a well needed breaks to dedicated and devoted parents, who got to hear all the fun stories and seen the pictures.

 This summer was somewhat more challenging than the last. I had seven staff working with and for me, not all at the same time, or in the same location as me. My main connection with staff was email, I was away for work a bit and cell phone reception only takes you so far. The best emails of the summer:

 Call my mom and tell her to book wheel-trans… 

Can you book wheel-trans for W?… 

I don’t know when the appointment is, lets hope I’m home in time… 

Can you check on my apartment, I think its lonely… Those were just three-quarters of emails I sent while I was away. Yes there were some important ones too. Mostly the wheel-trans. I worked sixty-five days this summer and called wheel-trans (or booked online) sixty-three. They are in my “Top Ten Friends list” so I can call them for free. They are not my friends, but I call them so frickin’ much, I would spend a fortune. Lets just say I had more wonderful wheel-trans days than not. 

I love my job. This summer was challenging, but I conquered and made sure everyone was okay while doing it. Everything went off with small hitches…it wouldn’t be my life though if there wasn’t a hitch:-P 


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