So sweet

Sometimes when I am supporting and hanging out with someone, I have the joy of being not only a part of their lives but making a super close connection. You know, the super sweet occurrences that you have with your children that nobody else really understands or sees the full significance of. A child or young adult sometimes chooses me to be a witness to it or be a part taker.

The other day I went to visit a family just to sign some forms for them. It was going to be really quick as it was on my way home. When I got in, I sat at the dining room table where all the kids were sitting and began to small talk with them. The child I support signs and knows when I show up, we are going out. He signed “what are we doing.” I told him I was just there to do something for mom and then was going. He thought for a second and signed, “stay!” His mom confirmed, “you want Marjorie to stay for a bit?” To which he shook his head once, with conviction. So I hung out for a bit, with him and his siblings.

Him asking me to hang out was a sweet gesture and we had a really nice time together. I think I will do it again soon. I will also try to make visiting a part of my evening for my clients, it only takes half an hour and made me really happy.

“Make someone else fit into your day everyday, you will feel better for it.”. MR

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