What they mean to me

In the last couple weeks, I have had a client more days than usual.  He’s slept at my house on weekends, I’ve brought him to meetings, gone out for dinner and brought him to parties that I’ve attended or brought him to friends who have invited me over.  My staff, Sallyanne, has also brought him to things.  We don’t pay much attention to what people think or comments that are judgmental.  However, I find myself explaining who he is, that he’s a friend or why we are together.  I’ve even gotten “is he a client?” Or “what does he have?” in a whispering voice, that he can totally hear.

Let me clear this up for you.  When I show up with anybody, anybody, the only thing that is your business is what their name is.  That is the only question you are aloud to ask me and I will in turn ask them if they’d like to share the name.  Hopefully natural conversation will continue from there about life and how everyone is. 

Bringing any of my friends/clients somewhere isn’t a burden, annoying or inconvenient.  The only thing that is inconvenient is having to explain why they’re with me, what they have (yes people ask), how hard it was to get where we’re going or how nice it would be to have time to myself.  I control my own hours, where I am when and who’s with me all the time. So, having time to myself is completely up to me, even if you think it isn’t or that I don’t ave enough time for myself. So, assuming I’ve been stuck with someone is an unfair judgement.  Maybe I’ve chosen to have them over to my house or be part of my life.

Maybe its my fault?! Quite possibly after a long challenging day,  I’ve said something that makes someone think it’s hard to take care of some of my friends.  Maybe I’ve led you to this conclusion.  If I have, I’m sorry.  I love my job and my clients. Those families mean more to me than you could ever know.  Yes, they have a personal relationship with me, that goes way past care giving.  I’ve met the most interesting people, have some of the best friends and see the world differently because of my job, my friends, my brother. So while all things in life can be less than fun, amd I say something that makes it sound tedious, take it with a grain of salt. It’s not always easy, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

The child I’m talking about, loves to go out to eat.  I’ve taken him to many restaurants, but have begun taking him to my local Italian spot a few times.  I love taking him there, everyone just says “hi.”. They ask him how he is, smile with him and even make jokes with him.  They quickly pick up on his yes/no, that is non-verbal and make him feel like he’s included.  I love it!   Being with him and any of my friends/clients, brings out the best side if me.  You should want to get to know them.

So, the next time you see me with someone who uses a mobility device or has a disability don’t assume you know who they are to me.  I don’t support everyone, they could possibly just be a friend.  Include them and treat them as you would anyone.  Don’t know how, start with “hello.”

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