Its nice to be chosen

Some people work so much, their married to their work. They eat all their meals together, blow off other events and if work is demanding, miss out on life. There are those that hate their jobs, but have to make a living. Some people skip from job to job so they can also enjoy life. However, if you want a certain lifestyle, you work hard and may not love work, but learn to work to live. I fall into a bit of all of all the above. There is one thing that is true though, I love my job, so much! I would do it for free and have (until I started buying things for myself, so my mom didn’t have to). If I could live for free, this would also be the case.

About two months ago now, I was interviewed by a friend, who I knew because I used to support her child. During these interviews, I spoke openly and honestly, answered her questions and had realizations about my work. Please, watch them

She points out an interesting fact that I never thought about, but have trouble explaining to others. She identifies that there is no solid line between what I do and how I came to do it. People often ask me what got me in to this work? I say, it is because I wasn’t sure what else to do when I left high school and gave up on teaching. As soon as they find out I had a brother who was disabled, I am then reminded by other people, that it is obviously because of my brother. If it was so obvious, how did I miss it? He was definitely the reason I was introduced to the world of disability, but I wanted to be a teacher all my life. I supported a young man (friend of the family) who had a disability from the age of twelve, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

Now, working with multiple families, supporting children and young adults, I would say is my passion. I love it so much and feel honoured and privileged it chose me. That’s right, it chose me. Life changed, drastically, and that’s why I am doing what I’m doing. I’m good at it too, who knew. Not everyone who has a sibling with disabilities is good at taking care of someone else who has disabilities or even wants to.

The first client I met that would write a page in the book of my life, had me hooked! He drew me in so close, I lost focus on anything else that I may have thought I wanted as a career. After him, my name somehow spread like wildfire. I started working private shift work, anywhere from six-twelve hour shifts, yes twelve. Nobody knows this, but remember the young man I supported at twelve, well those were twelve hour shifts too. I did some overnight’s here and there. My phone was always ringing, I was meeting new families, and eventually working and supporting children in schools, nursery schools and day programs. I realized it was what I always wanted.
I soon grew this into a bigger venture. I saw a gap in services and wondered how I could fill it, that’s how ‘Running with the Kidz’ was born.

I still choose my own rules, create my own programs and get to be part of people’s lives. Now, my passion has me looking toward the future. Where will I be, will I still have this business and will this job still choose me? Only time will tell. In one way, I have a lot, in another, the time is now.
Thanks to all the families who have chosen me and continue to do so, the ones that support me in other ways and to the ones that I continue to meet, it is always my pleasure.

One thought on “Its nice to be chosen

  1. Susan Bujold says:

    You rock Miss Marjorie …. They are all blessed to have you in their lives xoxo

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