Wow, it’s been a long time

Hi. I’m back. Not that I went anywhere, but 76 days since my last post, it would feel so. I’ve seen many things not going anywhere, here are just a few.

When my mind is rattled and overwhelmed, I’m taught to trust in you. To breathe, relax and laugh. All the things I’ve been given for free.

Hammers beat down and I let people down, to which I am asked “seriously?” Yes, seriously, this is where I am. Help to guide me, give me kind words, it fills my soul and makes me thankful.

Life and death. I’m okay with not understanding. I have seen both in it’s truest form and felt those who have passed around me. Death helps me lead a richer (in the heavenly sense) life!

Work, I finally learned why they call it that. I saw new kids and missed the old, reached goals and experienced falls. The kids were always there in their awesome way. When I say awesome, I really mean awesome!

Friends, thank you. Even when we’re far away, you still love me and hold me close. Many of you have become extended family and I have been made Auntie by your children. That, is a true and lovely blessing.

Jesus, lover of my soul, what, would I do without you? You offer yourself so fully and wonderfully to me, that I can’t turn away. You give what I need, exactly when I need it and never before. Thank you for knowing everything before me and teaching me to listen.

I’m back and ready to inspire!


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One thought on “Wow, it’s been a long time

  1. Tony says:

    Welcome back!

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