What makes you laugh? I’ll tell you what makes me laugh…funny people, corny jokes, me tripping or falling, children, seniors, long drawn out stories, I could go on and on. All in all, there are many things that make me laugh.

My favourite thing about laughter, is that it’s contagious. So contagious sometimes, you get a good belly workout, you may cry and have to take some deep breaths after. Or, a shared moment with a stranger over a shared thought.

This weekend (last weekend now), I spent time with a friend/client and his family. I went over for dinner. After dinner, we were going to use the computer, but his little sister kept bringing us glass jars of different types from the kitchen. I kept making simple corny jokes about it and he laughed…and laughed and cried, silent laughed and giggled some more. Which made me laugh, out loud, hard. It was great. We had so much fun.

The kids always make me laugh the hardest. They are smarter than most people I know, quicker and more subtle in their jokes, so I have to think about it. Unfolding it in my mind, is like when you know someone is about to tickle you.

Laughing makes me feel good, makes me tummy feel tighter (ha) and gives my soul joy. Try it sometime, or EVERYDAY and call me in the morning!

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