I thought I knew what it was like to be tired when I was eleven and was in school. I started supporting a young man every weekend, twelve hours shifts, both Sundays and Saturdays. I said, this is tiredness, this is it.

As I started supporting more and more people, I would fall asleep on the subway, in Church, on wheel-trans, in movies and our with friends. That’s tiredness, falling asleep in Church.

But now that I run a business and camps all summer, plus some weekend and evening work, I am tired. Even if I’m not with a client, I’m working from home, up until I go to bed.

The type of tiredness I mean, is being able to taste it. A thickness on the back of your tongue, heavy eyes, dry lips and sometimes heavy body. Oh, and occasional crankiness. No, not the flu, I’m just exhausted.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE MY JOB! I get to experience some very nice parental moments, which is nice as a non-parent. We always have a good time and laugh, I laugh a lot! It definitely keeps me young and going on those tired days. I don’t think I’d rather it any other way.

We all have different levels of tired. We sometimes don’t expect people to be as tired as we are, if they haven’t done the same amount of stuff. This is simply not true. We all experience extreme tiredness and exhaustion, and it is personal level for each person. If someone’s tired, they’s be tired.

Things I’m trying to do that will help with me being less tired.  I am trying to change my sleeping patterns so I can wake up more rested. So far I’ve moved my bed in a different direction and flipped my mattress. Here’s to some dream filled nights!

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