Happy Birthday!

I love you so much! And I miss you so much!

Can you see me right now? Best part of the day. Babysitting one wonderful kid and his baby sister. This sweet little angel has refused her crib. At first I thought it’d be uncomfortable sleeping on me and that I’d never get her to sleep. Now, I feel a overwhelming amount of peace. She’s sleeping, your close by, my day has calmed down.

How are you where you are? I hope well and happy! What have you been up to? I must admit, we haven’t talked in a while. I’m sorry. Thanks for sticking with me though.

I’ve had some friends in the past few months join you up there. Tell them I miss them too. Did I ever tell you, you were the best brother a sister could have. Probably too much, as you’d bat me away when I tried to kiss you. I still talk about you all the time. To the new people in my life, telling them how wonderful you were. How you’d take care of me and still do.

Thanks for those nineteen years of siblinghood. Nobody could’ve done it better!


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