New York!

I loved it! Not for what everyone said I would love it for. I loved it, because, I crossed it off my bucket list, met new people, Grand Central stn (history) is wonderful and it reminded me of home.

I ate the same food, found the same neighborhoods, yelled at the same ignorant people and came home to a quiet space.

Day one; I walked, I walked, I walked all over, east to west and south to north. I shopped for 45 mins, visited Herald Sq, Times Sq, Chrysler building, Grand Central and Rockefeller and spent way too much time in the M&M store. I also went to the Harry Potter merchandise store to pick something up for a friend. Went back to the hotel and napped. Headed out again at night, to see the city. That was a lot of fun. Downtown was alive! Such a good day.

Day two; I took the subway and walked. I ate at delicious deli’s, walked thirty blocks of Central Park, met people, took pictures, watched a man propose under the ‘LOVE’ sign and ate a salty pretzel (which I spat out immediately). Oh, my favorite part of V-day in New York, I took a professional dance class, joined a flash mob and found a random party where there was free wine. Later that night, I went back to the hotel, watched a movie, packed and got ready to leave at an unGodly hour the next morning.

My train left at 7a, which was great, because then I got the whole day to marvel at all the wonderful creations this world has to offer. The train drove along the Hudson River, which had some awesome views. Some people say Toronto isn’t really Canada when it comes to views and beauty. Well I feel Manhattan isn’t really New York when it comes to views and beauty. I never thought I’d enjoy a train trip that much.
I was awake for the full twelve hours. Watching movies, taking pictures, eating, working and looking through the window.

My favourite part about going away, is coming home. Even as a little girl, we visited Jamaica every year for ten days, by day four I was counting down to when we could go home. I don’t like to be anywhere for too long.
That short (just how I like it) trip will keep me until the urge for a new adventure comes along. Don’t hold your breath people, that could be years from now.

2 thoughts on “New York!

  1. Tony G says:

    If anyone deserved a holiday, it’s you. Ready for Paris again?

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