A day at the beach

Since Sunday was such a nice day, I took one of my clients to the beach. He is my favourite because he likes to run and be active and when he looks at something and smiles, his eyes tell a story you wouldn’t believe. All my clients are favourites though.

He loves sand, water and being outside. Would never wear a coat if he didn’t have to, spend his time by a pool wearing trunks, or not if they weren’t close by. He would just swim with clothes on. Basically, the beach was the perfect place to go.

There we were, walking along the board walk, people watching and looking for a good spot to ditch the wheelchair and go for a run. Ha, found a spot! There were other people there too, we always make friends.

I undid his seat belt and he was off through the sand, destination, water! As I caught up to him, we sat and trickled the sand through our fingers. We talked to strangers, three dogs climbed on him as he lay in the sand and we watched people fly their $400 kites. You know the ones, huge in size, heavy duty handles and cables, a lot of body leaning to control it as its so big. Ate at a nice beach cafe, saved a lost child and watched…

…water roll in, sand trickle through our fingers, the sun poking its head out, just watched. I love to talk and be social, but there’s something about sitting in silence and taking everything in and that happened Sunday; Thank you!


One thought on “A day at the beach

  1. Tony Gross says:

    Wow !Marjorie, your blog is becoming art. So poetic. I look forward to the next.

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