Day after

Well, here I am.  It feels like nothing has changed, but so much has.

I sometimes feel bad that I don’t remember you the way I wish I could.  Your face sometimes skips away from me and I have to try really hard to see you.  I feel you though, everyday, you’re there.  I wonder what it’s like where you are and I hope your happy.

Twelve years, wow, how did I make it this farther than you.  For some reason when you first left, it felt like everyone around me and myself were the very next people in line.  The Lord has shown me that’s not the truth and you have taught me to live a different life of dreams.  My first dream, taking care of you forever was cut short, stolen from me.  I now see it was just to make room for other bigger dreams.  Are you included in my new dreams?  Yep, in the best way possible!  YOU, Stephen Richards are my inspiration!

If you weren’t who you were, I might’ve never learned some of the things I know.  Things you don’t learn in school like: True love, non-verbal language, compassion, to care for someone in whatever way that may look like, to see the true JOY in things, the silver lining, to laugh, to see things from the inside out, to be kind, to respect others and the list goes on.

I thanked you when you were here…and I thank you now!  Those things have gotten me through the world, helped me make friends and most importantly, given something to smile about each day.

I will miss you forever and will always remember you, even if I have to try hard.  Please keep swooping in and out of my life, I like it and it makes me feel good.

Thanks to you dear brother.


4 thoughts on “Day after

  1. Brenda says:

    Marj this is so beautiful and so true, I can feel it – the honesty, the strength, the growth. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Tony Gross says:

    Really honest love, beautiful!

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