Some people need futher instuction

Yesterday I was coming from the Esplanade with a client of mine.   He decided he wanted to take the ttc bus home.  He uses a Titanium wheelchair, which is lighter, so I reminded him I had to tie him in (even though I tie everyone in).  We ran for the bus, who had to stop for the red light anyway, he did stop right in front of the bus stop though.  He stopped and lowered his ramp and we got on. 

Every time I get on a bus, I look the driver right in the eye and say “could you please give me a second to tie in.”  To which they always say, “no problem.”  So, we got on, K paid his fare and I said, “can you give me a second to tie in please.”  He says, “yes!”  I bend over to tie in.  I feel the bus move and almost fall over.  I look up and say to the driver, “could you please give a me second to tie in?!?”  He says “yes”, as he continues to slowly pulling away from the curb.  I then let him know “that means you don’t move the bus!”  He brakes immediately, knocking me the other way, ha.  I finishing tying in in about a minute and then say, “we are good now.”

I looked at some guy on the bus who was shaking his head at what had happened.  I said to him, “it’s okay, some people just need further instructions.”


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