Loser Days

Loser days

I tend to loose things from time to time or forget things (not the time for people who know me to comment).  Traveling with children is not the most calming experience, especially when they use a wheelchair (adventure filled and fun, not calming).  Imagine this, your going out for the whole day, with two children, one using a wheelchair, one walking, two bags, myself, sometimes my bag, oh yeah, and the TTC.

I always bring my separate bag, with my stuff in it. It doesn’t make things easier. This time I thought I was ahead of the game by taking all I needed out of my bag and packing them in the bag hanging off the wheelchair.  You know keys, wallet and my passport, I use it as I.d.  I then began to make sure we had everything.  As I ran around like a mad woman, engaging the children in conversation while they laughed at me, I remembered, oh yes, my metropass. It is in the front pocket of my backpack and I always forget it and then remember just in time.  To be honest, I am never really asked to pay when traveling with someone who has a mobility device, but I like to teach the kids that they and I have to pay, just like anyone else.  Anyways, as I reached into my bag for my metropass, it was not there.  The first stage of panic sets in, I stop and think for five seconds.  Try poking around again, slowly this time making sure to reach into the corners, can’t find it.  Second stage of panic, I start to peer into the bag and gasp.  Third stage of panic, everything comes out of the bag in 10 seconds or less.  I still cannot find it.  I take a deep breath.  I am a little upset but…

Oh, well that sucks, I am a little shaky from the whole ordeal, but we’re going bowling and I am ready to have some fun.  I also decide on my walk to the subway station, I will just buy a weekly pass, they are $36.00.  That helped to calm down me a lot too; I needed to feel like I didn’t have to worry about it.  We get to the subway, I buy my pass and we go on about our day.

We had a great day; it included pot holes, stinky elevators, bowling, buying my lunch and washrooms without toilet paper.  As I was moving things in the backpack attached to the wheelchair to make room for other things, I took some of my things out.  I took my passport out and guess what fell out?  That’s right my bus pass.  Wasn’t I laughing at myself as I tried to offer people my new weekly pass that I just bought.  It was really and honestly, more funny than anything and definitely a Marjorie moment.

Getting home was a breeze, we caught the busses and subway right away.  The client I was supporting is somewhat cheeky and repeated, “that was so funny when you thought you lost your bus pass, and bought a weekly pass, then found your bus pass, about four times.  All I could say was, “ha, yeah that was funny.”

Marjorie dsw

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