Yes, you are correct!!!

So, I realize I don’t actually have a lot of time to blog.  In that case my blogs may be a few days away from when they happened in actuality.  Who knows, that may make them better.

I work with children who have many different challenges.  My heart is drawn to those who have a physical and developmental disability, but I really appreciate each child as they are.

When working with children who have behaviour, I have to maintain a structured environment, not be swayed by general child stuff, catch out bursts before they happen and redirect.  Redirection is key!!!  I especially have to ignore all the funny things that they say that are true.  They are sometimes funny at the time and sometimes not.

Marjorie: Sit down; eat your lunch (in a firm voice).

Child: You’re a poo poo head.

Marjorie’s thought: Ha-ha, no, my head is not made out of poo.

Child: You have a big bum!

Marjorie’s thought: Why, yes I do have a big bum, ha-ha.  You shouldn’t be looking there.

Child: You are not being very nice and I don’t like when you do that.

Marjorie’s thought: Your right, I am not being nice and I wouldn’t like me either if I was talked to the way I have to talk to  you sometimes.  But, you need to try and help me, because I am on your side.

The Marjorie thoughts are all the things I kinda want to say but can’t.  Also, these words are usually paired with fun behaviour antics that need to be resolved.  Am I the bad guy, I don’t think so.  I think I need to think something funny in my head to make me laugh at the situation so I can carry on being direct, firm and give guidance.  Just a thought.

Marj dsw

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